XyBird Shares A Captivating Love Song “M’akoma Mu Toffee”

“M’akoma mu toffee” is a phrase in Twi, a widely spoken language in Ghana, this phrase directly translates as “The Toffee in/of my heart”, which is used to express love or to let our significant other know what they mean to us, and how much we love them.

The song “M’akoma mu toffee” is the 4th single released by the duo Xybird, this duo came together to produce music during the lockdown and since then, the duo has been creating series of breathtaking single that is both inspiring and mindboggling.

Their latest single is a proof of their growth throughout the years, the lyrics of M’akoma mu toffee evokes the feeling of being in love, the song was composed on a contemporary Highlife sound, so you can hear elements of afrobeats and afrofusion in them a genre which is spearheaded by Ghana.

The members of Xybird are Daisy and Andrew, and you can hear Daisy’s melodic voice singing the lyrics of the song as Andrew composes and plays guitar. Aside the romantic words used in M’akoma mu toffee it can also serve as a dance song for couples to express how they love each other.

Daisy’s vocal prowess displayed in the song is topnotch a represents the bands versatility and growth, M’akoma mu toffee has cathartic lyrics that transcends directly into the heart of the listener, the song contains very few and repetitive words, making the song addictive and before you know it you find yourself singing to it.

This is a song that would stay on for days and get you hooked on it, one thing that stood out for is the “Ahhh” backing, soo refreshing.

Listen to M’akoma Mu Toffee below


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