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Rising Above the “Mediocrity”: Jerusha’s Emotive Pop Rebellion

Journeying beyond common expectations and societal standards, actor and musician Jerusha Cavazos profoundly challenges the conventional notion of success in her latest single, "MEDIOCRITY"....

The Miller Test’s “Double Country”: A Bold and Vibrant New Album

Unapologetically bold and vibrantly poppy, “Double Country,” the third album outing from The Miller Test, is a sonic narrative showcasing the band's ever-evolving dynamism....

Stacey Jackson “Soldier”: A Battle Cry for Empowerment and Authenticity

Navigating the sonicsphere of Stacey Jackson's latest offering, 'Soldier', is akin to a spirited yet melodic uprising; powerful, challenging, but with a tender undertone...

Ghanaian Rap Duo OT n Aiges Release First Major Single of the Year

OT n Aiges don't pull any punches when it comes to introducing new sounds and unfiltered storylines to the Ghanaian hip hop community. They have...

Scotty Hollywood Band’s “The Ricochet”: A Sonic Journey Worth Taking

With a sonic tapestry woven chiefly with threads of classic pop and sprinkles of Americana, “The Ricochet” by Scotty Hollywood Band showcases the marvellous...

Omega Nen – Aba [Prod. By Nad Xclusive]

There is a new wave that is sweeping over the landscape of Ghanaian music, and it is reverberating to the rhythms of Omega Nen's...

Morning Melodies: “Breakfast” by Omri Ash

Isn't it astounding how breakfast – that early morning rite as simple as toasting bread and pouring coffee – could be so bursting with...

Punky International Shines In Teni’s New Music Video ‘Lanke”

There is no other kind of enchantment quite like the one that is created when the lively worlds of music and fashion come together...

Christiana Hati Shares “Testimony” Official Visuals

Christiana Hati is more than just a name; she is a musical movement that began in the sleepy hamlet of Kowei, which is located...