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Tee Kae Releases Soul-Stirring Single “My Last”

Ghanaian/French singer and songwriter Tee Kae has just dropped her latest single titled “My Last.” This poignant song is Tee Kae’s fourth release since...

The Resilient Beauty of FARI’s ‘In the Vein’

Hey, did you get a chance to listen to the new track "In the Vein" from FARI yet? This Zimbabwe-trained and Brighton-based artist is introducing...

Know More About Tate Sedar And His release “Find A Way”

TATE SEDAR, a generational talent who hails from Los Angeles, United States is out again with visuals for his release “Find A Way”. We...

Austin Willacy: Bringing Hope Through Music With ‘Gonna Be Alright’

Welcome my music fam! Brace yourselves for the best energy that descends from Austin Willacy himself. This singers's new EP titled "Gonna Be Alright"...

Proklaim Has Outdone Himself Again – Listen to ‘Scars’

MY. GOD. Proklaim just dropped his latest single "Scars" and it is an ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE! This Namibian lyrical genius has outdone himself yet again. Right...

“A Place Called Home” by Richard Green – An Auditory Quest for Belonging

Imagine if Vivaldi took a detour through a 21st-century speakeasy, where the lead act is not another flapper reincarnate but one Richard Green, flourishing...

Watch ‘Together Alone’ By Jordan Kinsey

My People, have ever heard Jordan Kinsey's cover of "Together Alone" by Melanie Safka? My goodness, it gets down to the nitty-gritty. The moment...

Cosmic Carousel: kidd noir’s “Mr. Who Knows (Messiah)”

In a kaleidoscope of sound, Kidd Noir delves into the labyrinthine psyche with "Mr. Who Knows (Messiah)" – an opus that spins you into...

Exploring the Depths of Darkness: A Review of Die Kammer’s “Ignoring My Safeword”

Oh my god, it's insane! Make sure you guys listen to the new song by Die Kammer called "Ignoring My Safeword"! It's gonna blow...