Uncovering The Extraordinary Life of Ghanaian Singer Nana Asamoah

An artistically gifted musician from the Ashanti Region of Ghana, often known as the Land of the Golden Stool. As a child growing up in Asante Bekwai, Nana’s interest in African traditions and freestyle dance sparked a lifelong pursuit of creative greatness.

When Nana Asamoah was a young boy in Accra, he became enamoured with dance and began avidly following famous Ghanaian dance groups and attending weekend events that included music and the performing arts.

He began winning multiple local dancing contests at the juvenile age of 12 due to his obvious skill. Nana, armed with a homemade microphone, would sing and dance her way through the hits of luminaries like Phil Collins and Kojo Antwi, all the while raking in donations from the crowd.

The impact of Nana Asamoah’s work went well beyond the limits of Ghana. In the 1990s, he was a headliner at events all across West Africa, including in nations like Togo, Cotonou, and Ivory Coast. Nana improved his skills as a dancer via his collaborations with prominent singers like as Agboti Yawo Mawuena, Fifi Rafiatu, and Afia Mala.

Nana Asamoah started a new chapter in his life when he moved to Germany in 1992. After joining the Ghanaian traditional and Highlife Music band ‘Adesa’ as a dancer and background vocalist, he went on a fantastic adventure around Europe, performing with the band and thrilling audiences with their exuberant performances. This broadened Nana’s musical horizons, inspiring him to experiment with and record a variety of musical styles and influences.

Originally from Ghana, Nana Asamoah published his first album, “Gyemedi,” in the year 2000. It was a compelling blend of R&B and Highlife Music. A remarkable performance on the TV3 Valentine’s Day special and appearances at prominent events like “Guinness for your Dancing Feet” were made possible by the title tune. When the German documentary “Who Is Highlife” highlighted Ghana’s Highlife Music Legends, including himself, his song “Wo Fata Me” became well known.

Nana Asamoah’s career advanced significantly once he began working with other famous musicians. Along with Naro Vitale and Ryan Paris, he recorded a version of “Mama Afrika” for the 2010 World Cup, which is widely considered to be one of his most memorable duets. He also became well-known because of his contributions to Dada KD’s “Mewura” and Ofori Amponsah’s “Bohobio.”

In 2012, Nana achieved great success with his Afropop single “Sum Kum Bum,” earning him the esteemed German DDO Golden Plate award. However, he subsequently took an indefinite hiatus to address personal matters.

But now is finally the moment for his long-awaited return. Nana Asamoah is a very talented and inventive artist, and he has an arsenal full of infectious hits that are ready to conquer the globe.

Fans and friends of Nana in Ghana and throughout the world look forward to his new music releases because they know they will be blown away by his exceptional skill.

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