Joy From Despair: A Dive into “The Sadface Album” by Something Moves

“The Sadface Album” – the debut album from UK alternative-indie rock outfit, Something Moves – effectively forces an acute departure from the predictable. Melding the contours of alternative and indie rock with anthemic surprises, the album is an intricate compelling puzzle, crafted by Chris Briden and his crew who embarked on this artistic venture in 2021.

With twelve tracks penned during the uncertainty of the 2020-2022 years, ‘The Sadface Album’ is an earnest examination of personal and shared anxieties. The music pulsates with the angst of not knowing what lies ahead, the joy and bewilderment of parenthood, and the tumultuous rollercoaster of human relationships. Yet amidst this emotional turmoil, the crew shows its uncanny ability to craft catchy, invigorating anthems that bubble with an infectious energy.

The male vocals throughout the album strike a chord of authenticity, further enhancing the record’s raw, endearing quality. There’s a boldness to the vocals, riding atop the power-packed instrumentation, that’s both captivating and emotionally resonant.

Musically, Something Moves call to mind stalwarts of the rock genre but endeavour to carve its own niche. Their sound marries the dense and hefty tones of alternative rock with the more melodic, infectious elements of indie rock. It’s in this self-created intersection that the magic of ‘The Sadface Album’ lies.

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And yet, there’s an essential human core to this debut offering that goes beyond its genre-blending elements. It’s an album that captures the universal quest for footing in life’s labyrinth, wrapped in the warm, cathartic embrace of anthemic rock.

The gutsy production choices stay true to the album’s themes, offering a raw, unfiltered musical journey, laying bare the highs and lows of navigating human connection and reckoning with an unpredictable future. Adorned with layers upon layers of textured sonic depth, each track speaks its heart quite fearlessly.

‘The Sadface Album,’ in essence, is an introspective reflection on life’s dichotomies, beautifully coded into melodic anthems. You’ll find as you plunge into Something Moves’ debut offering, the joy in their melancholy, the harmony in their chaos.

In Chris Briden’s words – conceived to make music for the love of it – Something Moves gives us not just music but gems of lived experiences. They transform their deeply personal narratives into universal truth nuggets, reminding us that despair often walks hand in hand with hope. In the exploration of this paradox, ‘The Sadface Album’ triumphs. It’s a poignant chronicle that reverberates long after the final track croons its last note. Prepare to be moved.

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