“From Nothing” to Noteworthy – A Sonic Journey Unearthed by Sent From Above

In the ever-evolving realm of electronic music, Sent From Above delivers a stimulating debut EP titled “From Nothing.” This audacious endeavor is a breath of fresh air; it is a labyrinthine exploration of sound – a foray into experimental EDM, replete with compelling instrumentals and bass-inspired dynamism.

The quartet of tracks, born through a combination of Sent From Above’s affinity for guitars and uplifting synths, coalescing with electronic drums, delivers an emotional rollercoaster ride that is both exhilarating and haunting.

“From Nothing” is a sophisticated homage to EDM rendered through a unique vision. There is a palpable shimmer of the influences Sent From Above notes, drawing from the likes of SAN HOLO, ILLENIUM, DUSKUS and FLUME. Yet, instead of simply regurgitating his predecessors’ stylistic signatures, our artist crafts a sound that is distinctly his own.

The innovative blend of genres exudes an impressive panache, from the immersive, resonating bass drums to synths that soar high, painting dreamy landscapes on a canvas of ambient silence. Every track unfolds like a sonic novella penned by a philosophical mind. Intricate detailing, texture, and a keen sense of musical storytelling anchor this EP deeply, with each song a fluent chapter rippling into the next.

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Beyond its aural marvels, “From Nothing” is a testament to its creative process, proudly reflecting the imagery and surroundings that birthed this vibrant soundscape. The marriage of natural ambience with lush electronic instrumentation instills resonating echoes of sentiments that flirt with minimalism while embracing grandeur. Each interface with a track is akin to wandering through carefully crafted dream sequences, elegant and encompassing in their design.

Taken as a whole, the EP is a peaceful rebellion against the relentless pace of conventional EDM. It creates a space where each note resonates, every beat reverberates, and all sensors engage. This is a journey not simply into music, but into an artistic psyche that liberates its narratives through sound and rhythm.

In every sense, “From Nothing” heralds Sent From Above’s arrival on the electronic scene. It serves as a foundation for a progressive, experimental approach, reflecting a brave and introspective exploration of the artist’s identity – channelled through and echoing in each melody. For those hungrier for a unique voyage through auditory landscapes, this EP serves as a standout digest of sonic delectation.

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