An Animated Rock Odyssey: Reviewing Dirty Power’s ‘Said And Done’

Dirty Power, the international rock trio presents chapter two,” Said and done”, of their three-part musical saga inherent in its forthcoming EP entitled “Gravitas”. Whereas ‘I Did My Time’ raised enough momentum to propel this band onto new heights, here it strays into an edgy rootsy unplugged territory developing what might be termed

Begun in light of Rodrigo y Gabriela’s guitar rhythms and the solid ‘industry-coustic” beats placed by Rammstein’s “Los,”Said And Done centers on buddies coming up for each other. The stage is set amid life’s trials, it is the collective support that defines our journeys.

The EP “Gravitas” is scheduled to be released between late 2023 and early This new approach diverges significantly from their previous aggressive EP, “Notions” , as a reaction to the personal and collective crises lived through during the Covid pandemic; they offer an introspective musical journey reminiscent of albums that transformative like Nirvana’s with Unplugged In New York or Metallica in S&M.

Reclaiming roots and finding solace in the midst of chaos, “Gravitas” is a live recording carried out within Ireland’s southwest coast ancestral castle for the frontman. Managed by talented engineers from the sensational Ireland’s band, “The Scratch,” audio production along with live filming of the EP expresses a lifetime opportunity.

As the EP travels through its own tracks and ends on two thunderous covers, it doesn’t just revel in Irish musical legacy but also creates a hard-rock tribute of sorts as befittingly respectful in creating this dynamic after-party to mark what was essentially an incredible musical odyssey.

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