Unveiling the Depths of Paul Marotto’s ‘Anthem for the Forgotten’

Let me introduce you Paul Marotto’s latest song “Anthem for the Forgotten” truth be told this is a song that really gets to you, the song speaks directly to you and has the power to alter your emotions. It’s personal, you know? With those heavy piano tunes, his heartfelt singing, and a sound that really makes you stop and think.

Anthem for the Forgotten begins with some deep piano notes, and this sets the mood right for some in-depth conversation, setting the scene for some serious self-reflection. What makes the song exceptional is Marotto’s singing, it’s like he’s pouring his heart out, telling his own story about battling opioid addiction. He’s keeping it real, and you can feel the rawness in his lyrics.

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Unveiling the Depths of Paul Marotto’s ‘Anthem for the Forgotten’

Then the drums kick in, giving the tune this urgency and drive. The synchronization of the vocals and instrumentation blend perfectly creating a dreamy vibe taking you on a journey.

The theme behind the song is such a powerful one when asked about the it this is what Marotto had to say:

“….. to show these people that even a person battling mental illness and drug addiction can create something meaningful from their experiences.”

Anthem for the Forgotten is more of a memoir a song, he really poured out his heart into the song. It’s about his struggles with addiction and depression, laying bare the pain and the ongoing fight to get back on track. Inspired by the impact of OxyContin on his generation, he’s hoping this song shines a light on the shattered lives and ongoing battles so many face.

Listen to Anthem for the Forgotten below


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