Review Of Peppermint Moon’s ‘Pocket Dial Tears’

When you hear the name Peppermint Moon, let me tell you what to expect from him as an artist, infact let me use his new Ep “Pocket Dial Tears” to tell you more about him. Colin Schlitt, the brains behind Peppermint Moon from sunny San Francisco, California.

He’s the guy doing it all—writing, performing, and producing Peppermint Moon’s tunes. So, Colin just dropped a new EP under Peppermint Moon called “Pocket Dial Tears.” It’s a sweet mix of power-pop and psychedelia that’s got this catchy vibe going on.

The EP’s title? Colin says it’s about the trouble a butt-dial can land you in—talk about unexpected inspiration, right?

The EP kicks off with “I Thought I Knew,” and it’s a rock-pop banger that hooks you right from the start. The electric guitar riffs and beats are retro-cool, and the synths add a nice touch. Colin’s vocals bring the fun, and the song’s got this groovy flow that’s hard not to vibe with.

“Above Clouds” is all about that warm, sunny feeling breaking through on a cloudy day. It’s a happy-go-lucky track with cheerful keys, dreamy guitars, and drum beats that just make you smile. The vocals and chorus? They’re like the cherry on top—pure art.

Then there’s “Like Like Me.” It’s a slow, reflective piece diving into complicated relationships, where people act friendly but really can’t stand each other. It starts slow and contemplative, then shifts gears into a psychedelic rock vibe—a real musical gem.

“Day To Day” sets a mysterious tone, inspired by some favorite TV shows. Strings lift the song to another level, giving it this magical feel that’s hard to resist. It’s a laid-back piece that really gets you thinking.

“Foxy Friends” takes on Fox News and how news stations twist things up to keep us arguing. It’s a wild ride with epic guitar solos, heavy drums, and vocals that fit right into that psychedelic groove. The production here is top-notch.

Closing it out, we’ve got “He She They,” inspired by someone close to Colin on a journey of self-discovery. It’s a bit like The Kinks’ “Lola,” diving into the confusion of discovering one’s identity. The song builds beautifully, painting a heartfelt story through its words and music.

Listening to the songs on the album, you can tell a lot has really gone into the EP, from the song writing, to the production and recording. Each of the six tracks brings authenticity, both in the music and the lyrics.

Listen to Pocket Dial Tears below


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