Koosje Sekreve’s “It’s Time”: A Neo-Soul Balancing Act Between Jazz and Pop

Time stands still when listening to “It’s Time,” the first full English album from the incredibly talented Dutch artist, Koosje Sekreve. A cornucopia of jazz pop and neo-soul, the album is a genre-blending masterpiece reflecting upon the deepest realms of the singer’s life journey.

Sekreve possesses a remarkable ability to metamorphose ordinary life events, such as navigating through a pandemic, into mesmerizing musical landscapes. The result is a compilation of sixteen distinct narratives spun together with a thread of raw and relatable emotion.

Flawlessly, Sekreve’s dulcet tones glide over the melodic waves of her compositions, drawing the listener into a world where the lines between reality and the mystical blur. This artist doesn’t merely sing — she communicates her soul’s sentiments, engendering a sense of intimacy that’s rare and valuable in today’s music industry.

Jazz influences lavishly weave themselves throughout the album, giving each song a nostalgic, yet avant-garde quality. Coupled with Sekreve’s neo-soul sensibilities and pop undercurrents, the result is music that transcends stereotypes, existing somewhere between the smoky intrigue of a downtown jazz club, the soulful depth of an R&B concert, and the relatable sentimentality of pop.

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The instrumentation on “It’s Time” is a class unto itself — textured and rich, yet airy and light — a perfect melodic platform for Sekreve’s vocal prowess to take flight. The album’s real allure is its lyrical density. Sekreve brilliantly uses multiple components associated with human existence — love, fear, beauty standards, freedom, self-reflection — as metaphorical instruments. Their harmonious play results in a musical narrative that not only delights the ears but also evokes deep thought and introspection.

“It’s Time” is an easy listen, bearing the sonic emblem of ‘relaxing’ music. However, it’s far more than a mere background soundtrack. Each song offers a nuanced exploration of emotional depths, provoking listeners to pause, reflect, and connect with the music on a deeply personal level.

In essence, “It’s Time” is an invitation from Koosje Sekreve to enter her world of inspiring lyricism, resonating vocals, and beautifully conceived music. This album is indeed an announcement — a statement of an artist at the peak of her creative powers, whose talent for blending elements of jazz, neo-soul, and pop makes each track a joyous encounter. “It’s Time” offers music lovers both easy-listening pleasure and thought-provoking depth.

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