Dax’s Musical Brilliance Shines in ‘Catch the Rain’

The new song by Dax entitled, ‘Catch the Rain’ can be found on his album “What is life? Ep,” and  it’s making waves. This is a good song, one that shows the development of Dax and his ability to touch our hearts. His musical talent is also highlighted by seven other great tunes in the album.

Now let’s talk about the song itself. Dax really comes into his own in Catch the Rain. He has this talent for combining emotions and deep meanings naturally. But a shoutout to music producer Lex Nour whose work gives this additional and cool sleek veneer over Dax’s already awesome sound.

With a great combination of storytelling and catchy beats, “Catch the Rain” hits home in just an entirely different way that makes you want to hit rewind for repeated listenings. He switches effortlessly between smooth flows and quick verses, leaving a mark on his devoted fans.

Yet it’s not only about the music. In his lyrics, Dax raps about real things–bouncing back, looking inward and chasing dreams. It’s that openness which makes him seem so different from all the artists just out for hits.

He is dynamic, charged and fills every line with life. You sit up to listen. With his own style of hip-hop, Catch the Rain is a prime cut. If you want an artist who’s genuine, talented and is able to speak from the heart then Dax and his work are definitely worth a listen.

Watch to Catch The Rain below


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