TwoBars Wins Producer For Song Of The Year Award At 3Music Awards 2020

The 3Music Awards presented a symphony of Ghana’s most talented musicians and performers on a night that was packed with glamour and spectacular performances.

One moment stood out in the explosive buzz of the evening: the beat wizard TwoBars winning the award for Producer of the Year for Song. This was the moment that stuck out the most.

It would be an understatement to say that industry buzz around TwoBars has been building up recently. He has been the driving force behind the scenes for many years, contributing rhythm and soul to songs that became iconic anthems.

He didn’t simply produce a hit; he built a global phenomenon with the song “Things Fall Apart,” which is an addictive combination of the sparkle of Afrobeat and the profound depth of Ghanaian highlife. It’s possible that Kofi Kinaata’s vocals were the voice to which we all sang, but TwoBars’ act included dancing on the stage.

TwoBars Wins Producer for Song of the Year Award at 3Music Awards 2020
TwoBars Wins Producer for Song of the Year Award at 3Music Awards 2020

The journey leading up to this zenith wasn’t a dash; rather, it was a marathon of dedication and perseverance. It is a testimonial to his flexibility as well as the faith that the industry’s most prominent figures invest in him because his portfolio is filled with partnerships.

The humility that TwoBars displayed as they were standing on that impressive platform and holding the prize that represents more than simply an honour was evident. He has never been just concerned with the rhythm; rather, he is concerned with the harmony, the teamwork, and the dance that takes place between an artist’s vision and a producer’s skill.

The 3Music Awards, for all their splendour, did more than merely shine a spotlight on various musicians. It shone a light on the producers, who are often the unsung heroes of the music industry.

They are the ones painstakingly arranging each piece in the massive mosaic of melodies, beats, and rhythms being created. And as TwoBars’ fame continues to rise, one thing becomes abundantly clear.

There is a producer with a vision, a heart, and an indisputable aptitude for making magic behind every fantastic tune. This year, we were treated to the beat of TwoBars; next year’s performance is likely to include even more complex rhythms.


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