Wowashwow Ushers You Into Pure Imagination

Wowashwow is such a great performer and songstress, and when it comes to showcasing her talent she shows no reluctance and talk of lyricism she is definitely on top of her game.

Her latest release “Pure Imagination” is a song that tampers with your alter ego drawing your closer to what is most important in life, – the driving force to keep moving forward.

Although the lyrics were penned by Wowashwow, the words are very relatable and resonate with every listener. With a raw and sensual voice “Pure Imagination” becomes more than just another song, rather it’s a war cry.

This love letter to every toxic relationship abolishes self-doubt, rises above hazardous gaslighting, and celebrates that pivotal moment where self-worth trumps fear and insecurity.

Listening closely to the lyrics of the song, one can tell that Wowashwow has a knack for songwriting, this is evidently displayed throughout the 3 minutes 28 seconds song. she allows the lyrics to dawn on you rather than just saying random words.

One of the pivotal moments in “Pure Imagination” is the seductive voice with which the songstress chants, “you knock me down, I pick me up,”. Her disposition clearly tells how much effort she put in during the production of the song and credit to the producer.

 Listen to Pure Imagination below

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Mister Styx
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