A Deep Dive into Emotions: The Lovepools’ Thought-Provoking Music

The Lovepools is a duo based in United States, Los Angeles and their new song “Something always leads to Nothing,” The Lovepools takes us on a journey into our feelings and thoughts. He says, “Something always leads to nothing, nothing always leads to something,” over and over, to make that message stick with the listener.

The lyrics of the song exploits the thoughts of a young girl with suicidal thought, trying to figure out her purpose, really sad and wants to escape from their troubles. Although melancholic the song helps to understand what they go through.

We might not be going through the same thing, but the lyrics are inspired but real-life circumstances, It’s a heavy subject, but thanks to the instrumentation we are able to have a feel of the message being broadcasted.

Anthony’s singing in the song makes it feel personal, like he’s sharing his own thoughts and feelings while Devin McGee’s Live Drums brings the whole sound to life. One fun fact is Anthony made this song all by himself in his bedroom a clear sign of the band’s versatility in music, from writing, producing, and mixing music.

The song has a sad vibe, and Anthony’s voice makes it even sadder, helping us understand what it’s like for someone going through a tough time.

Something = Nothing has sounds from some of the greats such as artists like Gorillaz, Beck, and Radiohead, and their influence can be heard throughout the song. It’s like a musical adventure that takes us through different emotions and feelings. “Something always leads to Nothing” isn’t just a song; it’s a deep look into how we all feel sometimes, and it reminds us how music can help us connect with those feelings.

Listen to Something = Nothing below

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