Experience The Butterfly Effect In Hari Nandu’s Single -Sedona

Drawing inspiration from some of the greats such as Michael Manring, Damian Coccio, Jeff Schmidt, and Jesus Rico Perez, Hari Nandu” style ingeniously weaves together elements of jazz and classical music.

Hari Nandu‘s “Sedona” is a testament to the power of music that can touch our souls, and evoke emotions, that inspire us to be part of something greater than ourselves. It’s a tribute that transcends boundaries, connecting us with the enduring beauty of a precious life gone too soon and the profound impact it continues to have on the world.

Although “Sedona” has no lyrics the guitar riffs reek of melancholy and perfectly disperse the thoughts and emotions of the artist.

Hari Nandu, the electric solo bassist residing in the vibrant heart of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, has created a musical offering that transcends boundaries and genres. In times of profound grief, music often serves as a healing balm, and the creation of “Sedona” was no exception for Hari. Through this composition, he invites listeners to share in the memory of this beautiful soul, perpetuating her legacy, her butterfly effect.

“Sedona” is more than a musical piece; it is a heartfelt endeavor to raise awareness for the “Sedona Butterfly Effect,” a nonprofit organization founded by her parents to provide inspiration and support to parents of babies at risk for, or diagnosed with, cerebral palsy.

Please visit www.sedonabutter…t.org, the nonprofit organization founded by her parents to inspire parents with babies at risk for/or diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

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