Jane N’ The Jungle Screams ‘Cut Me Open’

Jane N’ The Jungle, is a band that is gradually making waves in the world of modern rock which each song they produce, the band has once again proved their prowess when it comes to music making with their latest single, “Cut Me Open.”

The band actually hails from Phoenix, yet “Cut Me Open” has a strong message for anyone who is trying to be good enough for someone else. With Jordan White singing and Brian Dellis playing the guitar, this sync creates a sound that’s really something.

The song’s opening is moody with a dark message, and the singer does a great job tuning her voice to bring out the message she is trying to convey perfectly.

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The song’s opening is moody with a dark message, and the singer does a great job

The explosive guitar riffs and drum licks are right on the spot, they create a perfect sync between the instrumentation and the singer’s vocal range. The soaring vocals of Jane draws your attention to the lyrics to the song; you can hear her emotions oozing which each word she sings out, the pain of wanting to be something better for someone else.

Jane N’ The Jungle are actually a band to keep an eye on because with each song they release, you can tell how vexed they are with this music thing, from the production to the instrumentation, songwriting, and singing.

“I wanna be special in your eyes,” this is a recurring lyrics in the song that gives it a nostalgic vibe and tickles the listener’s emotions.


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