Proklaim Has Revealed The ‘Theives’ In Plain Sight

Thieves is far different from the sounds of Proklaim, at this point we all admit he is a lyrical monster. Proklaim is a skilled rapper with a smooth flow. His poetic words put listeners in a trance, and his rhythmic delivery is captivating. His fiery hip-hop track “Thieves” is a prime example of his talent. Each verse is packed with rich meaning and flows seamlessly from start to finish. Trust me, time and time again I say Proklaim is an artist to look out for.

With each release, he reaffirms his status as a significant voice in the genre, unafraid to explore new sonic territories and engage in meaningful storytelling.

“I look around and see the world going crazy

Is it just me ?”

“All Eyez” by Proklaim Is A Visionary Blend of Hip-Hop and Enlightening Messages

With words like this, you can tell what is going on in the mind of Proklaim, one thing I like about his music is the fact that he talks about his surroundings and uses relatable lyrics to express himself. As Proklaim continues to explore the intersections of his diverse cultural influences and his sheer love for hip hop, it’s clear that his journey is one worth following.

Thieves is quite different from the regular Proklaim sound you are accustomed to, with this the lyrics are laid back and engaging.

Listen to Thieves below


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