Stacey Jackson Delivers An Acoustic Version Of ‘Soldier’

Stacey Jackson’s love for 80’s jam is unparalleled and cannot be overlooked. The singer-songwriter and entrepreneur has become an iconic figure in the music industry and shines elegantly. However, the new acoustic release of her previous release, Soldier, rediscovers Stacey Jackson’s alluring vocals, as the simple and beautiful piano chords and emotive cello arrangements let her voice take centre stage.

With this acoustic version and stripped-back instrumentals, Jackson’s natural musicality shines through, elegantly complimenting the new cello arrangements. Stacey Jackson demonstrates her musical versatility as a dance floor filler and a stripped-back vocal leader.

Stacey Jackson’s ‘Soldier’: A Timeless Anthem of Liberation and Empowerment

Speaking on the single, Jackson says, “We all have different characters to ourselves, wearing multiple hats and what feels like different lives at times! However, no matter who you are to people, you are always and only YOU for yourself. And there is only one REAL you. In every scenario, you must be your own soldier. We all have to be true to ourselves no matter who is counting on us because we could never be a great parent, great at our jobs, a great sibling, friend or partner until we are true to ourselves.”

The black-and-white accompanying visuals give an insight into the Stacey Jackson camp studio session. From the very first notes, “Soldier” exudes vibrant energy, with its zooming synth-pop wave evoking a sense of nostalgia for the ’80s. The glittering synth jamming with the inundating rhythm of 80’s pulse gets you moving, while the vocals and lyrics get you standing with furor.

Listen to Soldier (Acoustic) below


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