Lets Sit By The ‘Bonfire’ And Listen To Polyvoda

I am pretty sure you have no idea of what is coming when you press play on Polyvoda’s latest single Bonfire. This is proof of the band’s Lets Sit By The ‘Bonfire’ And Listen To Polyvoda versatility and genre-bending skills, from the beginning to the end of the song is an unforgettable memory.

With a driving acoustic drum groove and a mellow analog pad, “Bonfire” sets the stage for an atmospheric and captivating soundscape. This latest track marks a departure from their previous release, “Sirens,” as it seamlessly blends neo-soul, alternative, and pop influences, with enchanting lead vocals taking center stage.

Their brand new single titled “Bonfire,” offers an explosive fusion of modern jazz, hip hop, soul and funk which comes together to form an alternative R&B aesthetic. Featuring the talents of musicians Denys Levchenko on bass, Kyrylo Chykhradze on keys, and Mykhailo Birchenko on drums, Polyvoda creates something new that is mind-boggling and full of nostalgia.

From the great lyricism to the instrumentation of Bonfire is top-notch, everything flows seamlessly. Since their debut with the singles ‘Never Ending’ and ‘Sirens’, Polyvoda has continued to push their boundaries in their song, a sign of growth and dedication to their craft.

The theme behind Bonfire was derived from a real-life story, and the inspiration behind the song was coined from the recent war that befell their country, Ukraine.

When asked about the main inspiration behind the song this is what the keys player Kyrylo Chykhradze had to say

“In this song, we tried to capture the emotional intensity and complexity of both love and war. We saw a parallel between the ash produced by the bonfire and the ashes left by the war, illustrating the destruction and rebirth inherent in both experiences. As the bonfire generates warmth, love can blossom amidst the chaos of war.”

Listen to Bonfire below

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