Vargen Pours His Heart Into His Latest Album – Vargen

Vargen’s latest self-titled album is one that is captivating and evocative and he doesn’t waste any time in proving his prowess when it comes to music production. The first song on the album Mindy Morning is ear pleasing and pulls at your heartstring, if this is the first song on Vargen, then I can’t wait to have a listen at all the songs on the album.

Over the years Vargen has built a reputation for himself, his previous albums and renditions of Bob Dylan’s songs in both Swedish and English has help to garner widespread recognition. But this time he did something different, all the songs on the album are original songs, carefully selected songs that he has compiled to give you utter bliss.

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Over the years Vargen has built a reputation for himself,

One thing about the album is the storytelling skills and breathtaking vocals, each word was sung with so much passion that the feelings behind each song can be felt directly as tho it’s a live performance.

The album has nine exceptional tracks on it yet the emotions behind each song is not lost, listening to the Vargen you can tell a lot of efforts was put into the songwriting and production of the song.

One other song that caught my attention is the 5th song which is titled Toxicon it has a reggae fell to it, I like the genre blending which was incorporated in the album. Its like a ride through the safari, seeing different types of animal, some calm while others are aggressive.

The album has the power to alter your feelings and that is something every listener is looking out for..

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