Celina Wolfe Opens Up About Her Battle With Addiction In New Single ‘Coming Right Back’

Celina Wolfe, a Canadian singer whose wide vocal range and catchy lyrics have made her a phenomenon in the music world, has completely taken over the market.

Having always had a deep love for music from a very early age, Celina began her career as a performer when she was just 14 years old, and by the time she was 17, she was the lead vocalist of the all-girl rock band The Empty Yellers.

The time she spent in the band and the time she spent as a solo artist playing cover songs in bars around Montreal helped her grow as an artist.

Her major break came in 2019 when she worked with producer Ken Pressé on the song “Coming Right Back,” a partnership that laid the groundwork for her own musical style. Since then, she has gone on to achieve widespread success. Working with Pressé helped Celina grow into a unique and real artist with her own voice and style.

In 2020, Celina signed a production deal with Artifice Records, and she spent all of 2021 getting better as an artist and putting out her first album. Celina has a long musical history that includes rock and country stars like Chris Stapleton as well as pop superstars like Lewis Capaldi, Sia, and Dermot Kennedy. This shows that she is a real creative force in the business.

She tries to connect with her audience by showing them many different sides of herself, from how nervous she is to how happy she is, and everything in between.

“Coming Right Back,” the first single from her album, was an emotional and powerful song about the author’s battles with alcoholism and addiction to drugs. Celina’s remarkable songwriting talents and her ability to connect with her audience via her music are what contributed to the song’s popularity.

The highly anticipated six-track extended play (EP) called Celina will come out later this year. It will show Celina’s range as an artist and her ability to make music that makes people feel strong emotions.

Remember to keep your eyes open for this up-and-coming artist, as she is destined to make an unforgettable imprint on the world of music.

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