“Love Lessons”: Charlotte Lansman’s Odyssey of Heart

Like a tempest in a celestial teacup, Charlotte Lansman’s “Love Lessons” is the ambrosia-fueled odyssey to the heart’s darkest chambers and back. This siren of soul, with vocal cords spun from smoky silk and twilight longing, delves deep into love’s labyrinthine arcade—her notes caressing each twist like Icarus’ feathered tips grazing sun-drenched hopes.

Adrift on waves of jazz-infused yearning, “Love Lessons” births itself from the forgotten embers of past liaisons—a phoenix risen not just to soar but to scorch the parchment skies of retrospection. The track waltzes through time-swirled folk whispers while strutting upon rock-tinged bravados; every beat a pulse in pop culture’s palpitating heart.

"Love Lessons": Charlotte Lansman's Odyssey of Heart
Credit: Matilda Hill-Jenkin

Lansman’s voice—a medley painted with deep blues and greys on an audacious canvas—renders souls vulnerable and shields threadbare against her melodic siege. With Rodwell at production’s helm, they forge this Retro Soul anthem like Hephaestus crafting thunderbolts for Olympus—it crackles with electric wisdom amidst warm vinyl grooves.

When “Still Searching” promises more episodes within this opera of oscillation, we stand eager candidates schooled inadequately by these already imparting lessons—an audience blissfully unprepared marinating in antsy anticipation. Herein lies Charlotte Lansman: part poetess-prophetess fabricating reveries that creep into marrow—the wrong people could never taste so achingly right.

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