Dive into TRAPT’s “The Fall”: A Rock Odyssey

Immersed in TRAPT’s EP “The Fall,” one gets swallowed up like Alice down the radiant rabbit hole of raw rock rhythm. It’s a unique brew – high-voltage post-grunge meets nu-metal elements with an undercurrent of hard rock reverberating through each track. The sound has spitfire vigour akin to historic titans like Nirvana while maintaining its signature mainstream accessibility that harks back to their breakout hit, “Headstrong”.

Led by venerable Chris Taylor Brown, the band infuses every song with heavyweight energy and introspective lyrics which seem to beautifully bubble up from personal stories and confrontations within the soul. They demonstrate an ability for genre-blending acrobatics whilst holding onto their authentic edge.

Dive into TRAPT's "The Fall": A Rock Odyssey
Dive into TRAPT’s “The Fall”: A Rock Odyssey

Refreshing and bewilderingly perplexing in equal measure is this sneak peek into what we can anticipate from their first full album since 2020’s “Shadow Work.” Did I mention it was visceral? As tangible as heartbeats against your rib cage when you’re on a rollercoaster drop – that’s this alluring concoction they serve us readers.

Absolute thumbs up! Onward towards May! We await with bated breath till then for a ravenous ingestion of the whole platter instead of these morsels; delightful yet tormentingly insufficient!
So hold tight because if ‘The Fall’ is anything less than monumental, one might just get caught off guard… Let’s grip those bars music fans – we’re about to go over the edge with TRAPT.

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