Celina Wolfe Has Nothing To Do With “Counterfeit Love”

All we seek and need is True Love hence, Canadian singer, Celina Wolfe is making it clear she doesn’t want any “Counterfeit Love”.

“Counterfeit Love” is Celina’s second single off her debut EP expected to be released later this year. You should actually look forward to that.

She sings about her bad experience when it comes to love and she sounds very emotional yet passionate about it in this song. She conveys her emotions very well through her lyrics which makes it beautiful.

Speaking on the song she says, “so instead, I relied on external qualities and a carefully constructed personality to build an illusion that I hoped would keep the other person around. I often felt like I was selling a fake version of myself.

“I think the lyrics describe the moment when I realized how unbearable the feelings of emptiness and inauthenticity were. I knew I had to let go of this character I had created. And he was douche anyways”.

The song’s string arrangements are delicate and lovely, and they do an excellent job of complimenting her vocals as she draws inspiration from singers like Adele and Olivia Rodrigo.

She doesn’t seem to be backing down anytime soon as she is destined for greatness and to be the biggest singer she could ever be.

Listen to the song below and enjoy!


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