Squid The Kid Provides The Best ‘Getaway’

After several experimentations of music genre, Squid The Kid has been able to hit the nail on the head and has been able to discover his sound a mix of what seems to be electronic/hip-hop.

His latest single Getaway is a feel-good song, with a catchy hook and captivating lyrics that get you hooked the moment you press play. Squid produces a seamless flow that embodies easy listening by alternately singing and rapping.

“The song is all about the importance of recharging your batteries, leading to a clearer head space which at the end of the day will benefit your relationships moving forward.” – Squid The Kid

Infuschia, a master of sound, creates a rhythm with wavy keys and synths that is reminiscent of the 80s. How he is able to lay his vocals on this instrumentation is a wonder, how he sings and raps on Getaway cannot be overlooked

Getaway is a prove of Squid The Kid’s versatility as an artist not limited to any genre, this is another energizing splash of his distinctive brand of R&B and hip hop, the perfect song for the summer

Listen to Getaway below


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