Jessica White Expresses Herself With Latest Single ‘I Don’t Care’

Jessica White is a fast-rising singer and songwriter who is very passionate about her craft, Jessica has spent perfecting her craft and her latest single “I Don’t Care“ is a testament of her growth from the moment you press play, you are greeted by her warm and passionate voice.

The theme of the song is clearly displayed throughout the 3 minutes 55 seconds song, the lyrics are resonant, because more often than not, we tend to focus more on what people think of us, but undoubtedly if we shut off that energy, we would start seeing things from a different perspective.

Although the lyrics of the song is portrayed as someone who doesn’t care about what other people think about them, Jessica’s voice is too smooth for this message. ‘I Don’t Care’ is a feel good song that draws listeners and glues them, giving them more and more reasons to why they should put it on repeat.

I Don’t Care was produced by Jessica’s brother Tom White, listenning to the song you can tell the duo really put in lots of work on this, Jessica’s vocal prowess was enhanced by Tom’s production skills. The lyrics are catchy and easy to understand, and the instrumental of the song gives way to the vocals making the words audible and comforting while allowing the lyrics take control.

Listen to I Don’t Care below

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