Jacob Rountree Comforts You With Latest Single ‘First Avenue’

Jacob Rountree’s music is contagious and mesmerizing, more of a musical journey, his sound is unique and mindboggling, welcoming music lovers to a fresh taste. His latest single, “First Avenue” which is accompanied by his raw voice and lush acoustic guitar is a testament of his prowess.

Jacob Rountree’s folk composition “First Avenue” demonstrates this unifying essence of music, his music has no boundaries and welcomes people from all walks of life, inviting them to have a feel of what good music is.

First Avenue is gentle to the ear with clear vocals allowing you to not only enjoy the song but also connect deeply with it on a higher level. His vocal prowess was heightened by the melodic instrumentation.

The song features an interesting storyline that spikes the interest of every music lover. In modern days most musicians are forced to follow the masses by creating commercial songs, but Jacob is ready to break from that shackles, he authentic music that can stand the test of time and can be enjoyed without a barriers.

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