“La Biche’s ‘Éther’ Is A Mesmerizing Journey Through Dreamy Soundscapes”

La Biche’s latest single ‘Éther’ is a song that serves multipurpose; she merges spoken word, and experimental pop and the result is something that would blow your mind into bits.

From the moment you press play, its like you are sucked into another world, like a spell has be cast on you, ‘Éther’ invades your mind and controls your emotions. Her delicate vocals, blends perfectly with the instrumentation of the song, from the bass to the soft piano chords which pique the listener’s interest.

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From the moment you press play, its like you are sucked into another world,

‘Éther’ is very addictive, and before you realize you have already played if for hours. One thing that makes ‘Éther’ stand out is her exceptional vocals, which showcase her artistry and perfection.

Although the song was sung in French, even non-French speakers can still catch the vibe and groove to the rhythm of the song. This a melodious song that creates a world of utter bliss, you can feel each word she sings. The subtle nature of her voice feel like she is whispering the lyrics into your ears

It’s like she is ushering listeners into her world and treating them to something sensual. Listening to the song, you may find yourself completely captivated by the French Vocals, even if you don’t understand the lyrics don’t worry just relax and sit tight

Listen to Éther below

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