Dive Into the Sonic World of Jammed: A Review of Their EP

Jammed, a four-man band, united with the purpose of crafting inspiring songs. Since their formation, the group has continuously harnessed their musical skills while maintaining their original name. Their most recent EP, titled ‘Dive In,’ serves as a testament to the band’s artistic prowess.

‘Dive In’ comprises three original tracks, commencing with a selftitled opener, a three-minute and six-second masterpiece. This track sets the perfect tone for such an exceptional EP, commencing with captivating guitar riffs that transport the listener into a mesmerizing, psychedelic realm, free from external distractions.

Following suit is ‘Sky Is Gone,’ seamlessly flowing into the EP’s conclusion, ‘Fooled.’ The bass guitar introduction in ‘Fooled’ is irresistibly addictive, accompanied by witty lyrics featuring repetitive lines like ‘Fooled By Your Lies,’ which vividly underscores the song’s theme.

Each composition within the EP exhibits impeccable craftsmanship and meticulous structure, leaving an indelible impression. Despite its brevity, ‘Dive In’ etches a lasting mark that refuses to fade, compelling listeners to hit the repeat button almost involuntarily.”

Listen to Dive In below

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