Enjoy A Folk Song By Cristina Movileanu – “All About You”

Cristina Movileanu is a budding artist who sets sail to take the world by storm, her sophomore single “All About You” shows her prowess when it comes to music production, Cristina focuses on making long-lasting songs that can stand the test of time and not just something that would fade easily.

All about you, sun is shining

All about your, dreams come true

Don’t be afraid just keep trying

I wanna dance again with you”   

With such words, you can tell Cristina Movileanu is a great songwriter, “All About You” boast of powerful and mindboggling lyrics. “All About You” has some amazing production which was put together by guitarist Vitaliy Tkaciuk, then there is bassist Itaguara Brandao, synth specialist Marco Cremaschini, and the brilliant arranger Garry Duncan contribute their unique talents, elevating the track to new heights.

This is a feel-good song, the perfect song for the summertime, a multi-purpose song that can be used to express feelings as well as dance to. For years Cristina Movileanu has been harnessing her craft using her powerful and raw voice to express herself or share a message with the rest of the world, you can’t help but put the song on repeat and dance to it.

Her feelings and emotions can be easily felt in the song, the lyrics are clear and ear-pleasing, using easy-to-grasp words and repetitive lyrics to catch the listener’s attention and be froe you realize you put the song on repeat.

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