Melanie Pierce Shares The Feeling Of Being A ‘Fool’ In Her Latest Single

Melanie Pierce is a talented individual who likes to share her passion and thoughts in the only way she knows how to do best. Melanie Pierce is a singer-songwriter from Detroit who has spent years perfecting her craft in music making, this hard work, dedication, and growth can be seen in her latest single “Fool”

The lyrics are pure and honest and heightened by her powerful voice, Melanie sings with so much passion that can be felt throughout the song, she shares the feeling of being inlove and a romantic piece that is both danceable and mindboggling.

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“Fool” is a ballad that evokes the feeling of accepting we are a fool for somebody admitting to the fact yet ignoring the severity of that. Melanie’s voice is sensual yet it speaks volumes and creates a conducive environment for lovers.

The instrumentation perfects the lyrics giving the lyrics a chance to shine brightest, plus the sincerity in voice transcends directly into the heart of the listener and stays with them for a long time.

Listen to Fool below


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