“Distorted Reality”- A Vivid Journey Beyond Genres from No Signal

Here’s the way I see it – “Distorted Reality,” right, that’s the newest gig from Denver boys, No Signal. It’s a fresh bit of magic in the alternative and indie rock scene – hits the ears like nothing you’ve had before, a blast of something stellar and new. The guys behind this – Nic Kubes, Demarco, and Riley Schmelzer – each brings something funky to the table, a mishmash of skills that makes the whole noise sound bloody brilliant.

Got a 21-year old fella fronting the whole thing, spearheading an album’s worth of tunes… a sweet 16 of ’em to be exact! Every track’s like a new bit in their musical scrapbook, chock full of their heart and soul, right. Gives the album a real story-like feel, something you don’t run into every day with these fresh-on-the-block bands.

Let’s talk about the bloke who’s on the vocals – damn, his voice darts n’ weaves through each song like a ghost in the fog. Embodying the album’s name, that sense of “Distorted Reality” comes at you strong, right? Ain’t just about the hearing; it’s about feeling this sweet mess of tunes down to your bones.

Now the beauty of “Distorted Reality” is the way it moves. One minute you’re deep in the lyrics of alt-rock, next you’re swept into the easy-breezy feel of indie rock. They’re jumping between genres like there’s no tomorrow, and they’re bloody good at it too. Each track’s got a cocktail of disillusioned vibes, intense chorus transitions, and madcap concepts. But it’s all kept together, wrapped up nice and tight for the listener – that’s some expert wrapping, ain’t it?

"Distorted Reality"- A Vivid Journey Beyond Genres from No Signal
“Distorted Reality”- A Vivid Journey Beyond Genres from No Signal

And the actual tunes these guys whip up is some multi-flavored kind of brilliant. Tangy guitar strings, heavy bass, and banging drums mix with these rich electro vibes creating some sort of super-charged, undefinable sound. You can feel the passion, the energy pulsating from every beat.

Now, don’t get me started on how smart the whole production’s been. Every song’s got its own vibe but still fits into the bigger picture. Bang it on shuffle, or listen in order, you’re in for a whole different feel. It really points out to the hard work the lads have put in structuring the whole shebang.

To round it up, “Distorted Reality” is a whopping good ride through the peaks and valleys of rock, served up by a bunch of chaps who’ve got mad love for music and a deep grip on how it strikes a chord with its fans. The name – ‘No Signal’– nails it right on the head. Even the silences speak volumes.

So if you’re into epic music journeys, plug into “Distorted Reality.” Brace yourself for a band that’s not gonna stick to the dotted line. They’re here to shake things up, crossing boundaries, and carving their own name in the grand alt-rock game. Strap in, mates.

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