A Nostalgic Surf Into BreakTime’s “Specials”

Catching summer vibes with a side of surf rock mashed up with some gritty pop, BreakTime’s record ‘Specials’ busts into the music scene like a tidal wave. It’s like their guitars are chatting with Beach Boys and Beatles tunes, giving us a throwback sound that isn’t just memorable but mighty darn likeable.

Spinning songs that reek of the 60’s – and in a real good way – let’s just say every one of those eight tracks tickles the ears just the way the old-timers like it. This gang – Sean’s rocking the bass, Thommy’s wielding the lead guitar, with Doug covering rhythm and Peter smashing the drums – whips up a mad blend of kicking music that’s just breaking time. Ain’t nothing like the taste of surf rock, a sprinkle of power pop, and some Merseybeat melodies. ‘Specials’? Yeah, special alright – it’s like nomming on a nostalgic smorgasbord of sound.

A Nostalgic Surf Into BreakTime's "Specials"
A Nostalgic Surf Into BreakTime’s “Specials”

And here’s the kicker, ‘Specials’ isn’t just about the feel-good music. Sean Manuel’s serving up a side order of nostalgia – it’s like a magic carpet ride for your ears through his best times at The Broadway Diner. Man, talk about significance – his parents’ engagement, his baptism, it’s like the diner was his town square. No wonder the EP title and the cover art font are making us travel back in time to Sean’s yesterdays. Let’s just say it hits the heart’s soft spot while making your feet tap.

Now, how about the actual music? Solid as a rock. Guitars in overdrive, strutting their stuff in both lead and rhythm, steer each song into a joyride down melody lane. Tight drum beats bulk up the rhythm, while the singing blends in, smooth as butter, making way for some serious harmony.

‘Specials’ isn’t just a sound medly – it’s a full-blown music bonanza. It’s all there- catchy tunes, sweet instrumentals, haunting vocals, and Sean’s diner memories. BreakTime isn’t just saying, “check us out”. They’re inviting you to a sonic dinner party where surf rock meets power pop, to lose yourself in a darn good time that echoes from not-too-distant golden days. They’re serving up a platter of music that’ll have you coming back for more.

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