Embark On A Musical Journey With Sam Wrangle On His Latest Single ‘Just Living Really’

Sam Wrangle invites us to imagine the life of a 32-year-old unmarried high school teacher, homeowner, and aspiring musician when his emotions were raw and his hormones were raging a teenage desire he experienced as a Year 10 student

Sam Wrangle, is a musician from Brisbane, Australia, and he has released his latest single which he titles ‘Just Living Really.’ This song showcases his diverse musical influences and creative talent.

This is a song about adventure, love, and self-discovery through the phases of life. It’s a journey through time, from the virtue of youth to the wisdom of adulthood. It’s a song about learning to embrace your desires and finding your place in the world where one can easily get lost.

‘Just Living Really’ has a pleasant indie-rock style, with beautiful music and captivating singing. It’s one of Sam’s best songs yet, even with his previous hits like ‘Smokey Shady.’ The song’s dreamy sound and heartfelt lyrics make it special.

The lyrics of the song tells a story about growing up and looking back at teenage feelings, a journey through time, love, and self-discovery. Sam Wrangle’s storytelling is impressive, making the song easy to connect with and enjoy.

This is prove of Sam’s music prowess when to comes his singing and songwriting skills.

Sam Wrangle’s ‘Just Living Really’ is a fresh and comforting piece of art. It leaves a strong impression on anyone who listens. Keep an eye on Sam; he’s going places with his music.

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