Movment Shares Their Thoughts In Latest Single – I Believe In Noise

What actually caught my attention in ‘I Believe in Noise’ was the eerie intro, that just set the tone on a path and makes you anticipate whats up ahead. ‘I Believe in Noise’ is the latest single by the Ireland based band Movment.

Movment is an alternative post punk band that uses music to relay a message to the rest of the world and do so apologetically. This quartet of talented musicians, comprising Martin Kelly on vocals and drums, Kevin Kelly on guitars, bass, and keyboards, Mark Kelly on bass, and Isabella Rowden Kelly on guitars, unleashes a musical experience that is both unadulterated and candid.

Throughout the listening experience, you can hear the pulsating drums mixed with the incredible guitar riffs as the compliment the instrumentation. One interesting thing is how clearly you can hear the lyrics of the song, as they share the thoughts of the singer.

Feelings and emotions are embedded in the song, and the repetitive chorus hooks the listener and before you realize you start singing the chorus and nodding your head to the sweet instrumentation. The inspiration behind ‘I Believe in Noise’ comes from the impact sounds and songs can have an impact in our lives.

Movment stands as a beacon of sincerity. “I Believe in Noise” showcases their unwavering dedication to crafting music that resonates with raw emotion and unfiltered storytelling

Listen to I Believe In Noise below

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