A Journey Through Love and Wilderness with “Twin Flame” by Goldschatz

Goldschatz’s “Twin Flame”, ain’t your average Americana EP. No sirree! Got a dash of something extra – love and wanderlust, all shaken up with some foot-tappin’ good tunes. Ever patch together one of them yearning-and-love quilts, with bits of folk rock and Americana sewn in? Just like that – warm to the touch, full of homely charm. All that’s needed is a pair of globe-trotters, enter Rykka and Timothy Jaromir.

Spun together during the gentle patter of rain in Vancouver Island, we got the Swiss string-master Timothy teaming up with the ever-soulful Canadian, Rykka. Two lovebirds making music while life zooms by on the highway. Real heart-tuggers born out of American soil taking a flight with a twist of unique seasoning, courtesy of our dynamic duo.

Tune into the EP and you’ll feel like you stepped right into the heart of a Southern flick – a sprawling wilderness, equal parts enchanting and rough, mirroring the realness of emotions. Packed with male-female doo-wop vocal treat, it’s like yin and yang, singing out tales that’ll make you hum along. Hear that harmony? Ain’t just some musical finesse, no, that’s Rykka and Tim’s sync, both in music and life.

A Journey Through Love and Wilderness with "Twin Flame" by Goldschatz
A Journey Through Love and Wilderness with “Twin Flame” by Goldschatz

The sands a-shifting on each track of “Twin Flame”. Kind of like a road trip diary – each stop, a tune; three of them original, two tipped hats to the classics. Goldschatz is far from being a one-trick pony. The EP’s like the bending river, free-spirited and natural. Wilderness reflected in their melodies, raw and unrestrained as it ought to be.

Bit of home-brewed intensity spiced up with traces of folk rock – can’t put the EP in one box. Just like Goldschatz’s memories, the tunes ain’t meant to wear genre handcuffs. The music lives, breathes, runs wild and beautiful, making prettier pictures than any image can capture.

Ever ran into a melody that mirrors the magic of a place? The hill-air of Switzerland and the forest whispers of Western Canada echo across their tunes. All that tinkling of guitar strings and the humming tunes pays tribute to the wilderness, all while making “Twin Flame” a little more dear to anyone with a heart for travel.

So here’s the long and short of it – “Twin Flame” ain’t just another record on the shelf. Goldschatz got a story to tell on it and they ain’t holding back. The talents bursting out of both Rykka and Tim light up the EP – a solid nod towards their bright future. Love story? Check. Ode to freedom and tunes? Double check. Listen close, can you hear it? That’s the sweet sound of love ignited, travelling from the majestic pines to the sweeping plains.

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