TolumiDE’s ‘Naturally Me’ Is Fusing Heritage and Modernity”

This is the latest release from TolumiDE, a soulful Afropop artist whose blood runs half-Nigerian and half-Canadian. Naturally Me! It’s an inspiring song that promotes natural hair along with different styles of hair cut or style. TolumiDE’s track, based in Washington DC and Maryland looks on as a groovy homage to how anyone can be comfortable with their own skin at any time through the day. It tells of individuality and character.

TolumiDE says in her own words that she hopes to bring out listeners ‘own styles. There are a variety of options; it is ultimately their decisions, which give them the power. Iru Mi, meaning my hair in Yoruba is inspired by various braid styles she had when at school back home in Lagos, Nigeria.

Naturally Me’ is delightful and engaging song. A co-mingling of Afrobeat and R&B imbues it with a multicultural essence, raising African pop to an airy modernity. Suya Soul: TolumiDE’s self-defined genre is a detailed, personalised world of art that combines accessible and substantial elements between the audience.

Apart from its packaging, the track’s contents are a fine piece of work. It combines bouncy African rhythms with delicate electronic layers and harmonies, creating an uplifting instrumental. TolumiDE’s equally energetic vocals, switching back and forth from English to Yoruba fit the positive, intense musicality of this song.

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