Meraki Trice Assures “You’ll Regret Me” In Latest Single

Meraki Trice is a southern-born queer artist who brings a captivating blend of R’n’B and Soul to the music scene. With a desire to tell alternative narratives and explore themes of queer love, mental health, and transcendence, Trice’s music takes on an ethereal and evocative quality.

What sets Meraki Trice apart is their refusal to conform to mainstream norms or adhere to predefined rules and aesthetics. Their artistry is a deeply personal expression, carving out their own sonic and lyrical path in a world that often leans towards standardization. This uniqueness is what makes their work so refreshing and appealing.

Hailing from North Carolina, Meraki Trice embraces a fierce queen persona, allowing their artistry to shine through. A gifted singer, songwriter, and producer, they make a powerful return to the music scene with “You’ll Regret Me,” a stunning gem that carries a slightly dark undertone. Sonically, the song explores electronic territories but defies categorization due to its authenticity and originality. It all works harmoniously to complement Trice’s ethereal and angelic vocals, creating an intriguing contrast with the haunting instrumental backdrop.

The song starts with familiar post-breakup emotions, reflecting the melancholy and unease associated with such experiences. However, in the second half, “You’ll Regret Me” flips the script, questioning the natural tendency to internalize external events beyond our control. It challenges our assumptions, suggesting that the fault may lie with the other person instead of ourselves. This shift aims to empower listeners to love themselves and challenge self-blame.

“You’ll Regret Me” is a dark ballad intertwined with a hyper-pop dance beat, showcasing Trice’s rejection of self-blame and an embrace of self-worth. Inspired by a personal breakup, the song paints a picture of resilience and strength. Instead of wallowing in sorrow, Trice envisions a scenario where they dress up, go out with friends, and dance away the pain.

The track speaks to Trice’s struggle with anxious attachment, a challenge that often leads to self-blame in relationships. Through “You’ll Regret Me,” they encourage listeners to shift the focus from external factors to self-love and acceptance. It’s a powerful anthem that offers solace and empowers individuals to embrace their worth.

Stay tuned for more incredible music from Meraki Trice as they continue to craft unique and thought-provoking experiences through their art.

Listen to You’ll Regret Me below

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