Listen to The Soulful Journey of Teika & The Raw Beat’s ‘Falling In Love’

Teika & The Raw Beat ‘s new song, “Falling In Love,” gives a lovely hint of their next album called “Bones’n’Stones.” It features singer Mateja Kert from Berlin. She sings about love using British style with rock and punk sounds mixed in.

‘Falling in Love’ begins with soft piano sounds that quickly get your attention, Kert’s gentle voice moves to the front gently. Beautiful string music adds depth and makes it even better. What’s amazing is how far Kert can sing; she starts quietly, drawing closeness in, and then slowly lets out all the strength of her voice. This makes it very captivating as you listen more closely through squeezing power.

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Beautiful string music adds depth and makes it even better.

Falling in Love isn’t just about romance; it’s a music trip diving into the details of relationships – personal, things and spiritual. Kert’s voice has a true feeling like PJ Harvey and Kate Bush. His words tell us that love can go beyond limits, connecting the seen world with unseen realms.

Teika & The Raw Beat, with Georg Kostron on bass guitar and drums played by Gidon Carmel. Kim-Esther Rolloff helps out too using a viola while Guilherme Rodrigues adds sound from his cello. Together they make the music deeper and fuller in space which is close to things we see every day but also wishes for something beyond just thatshine

“Falling In Love” feels like a deep look at love from being weak to getting successful. The album shows what it can be, giving a nice and deep look at Teika & The Raw Beat’s skill in music and words.

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