Leif Riggs Drops Bars On Latest Single ‘Phantom’

Leif Riggs wasn’t bluffing when he said he was the realest lyricist, with his 90’s inspired hip-hop, he sails on with his freshest single which he titles Phantom.

On a rhythmic and percussive instrumentation, Leif Riggs delivers Phantom on a silver plater and if you are an avid listener of Rap music, then you would side with me when I say Phantom is a masterpiece.

Phantom takes you back to the days of rap battles, where they drop punches on a bass-dominated instrumentation and each rapper jumps on with their best line.

If this was a rap battle, then certainly Leif Riggs would have had the upper hand, the rhymes, puns, and delivery makes the song addictive and difficult to listen to just once.

If this is the first time you are listening to Leif Riggs, then this single should tell you the type of artist he is. I am sure he has more coming, and I can’t wait to see it.

Listen to Phantom below:


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