You Might Be ‘Infected’ By The Dragonfly Effect

DRAGONFLY EFFECT has created a sound that crosses many categories, including hard rock, progressive rock, metalcore, pop, and nu-metal. They do this by fusing elements of punchy and powerful alternative rock with emotive vocal hooks and screams, as well as with heavy guitar riffs and breakdowns.

The music is humanized by adding layers of ethereal synthesizers, sound effects, and synthetic voices, which give it a life of its own and fit with the dystopian background they have imagined.’

By blending a mixture of the usual elements of synths, impactful FX, and distant vocal echoes, infected is a track that you are going to get hooked on. The hard guitar riffs and hard-crushing drums are the quintet’s emblem, so that wasn’t left out in the song.

Featuring former BREAKING BENJAMIN drummer CHAD SZELIGA, a renowned international rock ensemble. The ICONIC apocalyptic-driven rock sound of the project is solidified by Infected, who SLAMS and turns up the heat.

Infected poses as a song about a superhero who aims at saving you because you are infected, wait infected by what? Find that for yourself.

Listen to Infected below

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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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