Clare Easdown Yearns For Love In “Wrap Me Up”

Clare Easdown opens “Wrap Me Up” with a heartwarming vocal where she pours out her heartfelt intentions into the song. a few minutes into the song and you feel the warm embrace by her vocal effects.

“Wrap Me Up” is a pop song that radiates the eagerness of wanting to be loved by the person you love most, usually we hope the love we give out would be reciprocated.

Easdown’s vocal aspect emits warmth and is a mixture of suspense and open-hearted emotion, craving to be loved. The instrumentation and Clare’s lyricism are so much in sync making the lyrics of the song audible and addictive.

In actuality Wrap Me Up poses as a love song, a confession to be loved by that one person you cherish so much. The lo-fi beats and synthesizers create the perfect sensual atmosphere.

Listen to Wrap me Up below;

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