Ros!e Shares Secret In Latest Single ‘Made Myself Cry’

Ros!e’s musical journey started at an early stage in her life, as early as 6 years old young Ros!e was taking piano and guitar lessons to hone her craft. Later, when she was 8 years, she perfected her craft and recorded her first single.

Later she advanced and started writing her own songs at thirteen. In 2019 Ros!e’s hard work and dedication paid off, as she was selected as the semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition in 2019.

Since then Ros!e has consistently produced songs that can be consumed by people across the globe, although Ros!e hails from Germany, her songs are in English.

The number of streams Ros!e has amassed on her songs is evidence of her songwriting skills and singing abilities. She puts this on blast in her latest song “Made Myself Cry”

Electropop’s single “Made Myself Cry” is an honest cry for those of us who never had the “Teenage Romance’ we see on television and what it feels like to not have any romantic interactions and experiences as a teenager and it’s aftereffects.

It’s surreal how Ros!e makes the song personal yet is relatable to everybody who has ever been in that position or is still in that position. Ros!e is truly a master of art.

Listen to ‘Made Myself Cry’ below

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