‘Books Of Moods’ Sings Out ‘The Mermaid Song’

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary voyage into a psychedelic realm as Woodrow & Luth, under the pseudonym “Books Of Moods,” guides you through a labyrinth of emotions in his latest creation, the ‘Mermaid Song.’

Books Of Moods, a Parisian project led by Woodrow & Luth, captures the epic journey of an artist through a tapestry of dreamlike melodies. With ‘Mermaid Song,’ Woodrow & Luth invites you to delve into a musical landscape that is both enchanting and deeply introspective.

‘Mermaid Song’ is a folk inspired song with captivating lyrics, Woodrow & Luth’s dedication to clarity allows every word to resonate clearly, a rarity in the modern music landscape. The song introduces a style that stands out, a style with is uncommon in modern day song..

The sound is mellow and dreamlike, yet its refreshing and adventurous, an indie folk rock about a mystic dreamy girl who craves adventures, drawing listeners into a world of whimsy and wonder.

In ‘Mermaid Song,’ you’ll discover a fusion of indie folk and rock that transports you to a realm of musical exploration. It evokes the spirit of artists like Acetone, Big Thief, Broken Social Scene, The Unicorns, and Grandaddy, demonstrating the rich tapestry of inspiration that fuels Woodrow & Luth’s creative fire.

Listen to The Mermaid Song below

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