Checkout The Latest Ep ‘My Enemy’ By Ross Freedman

“My Enemy” is the latest 4 titled ep by singer and songwriter ‘Ross Freedman’ a musical genius who shares his emotions and passions through the only way he knows best. This is his fourth release, “My Enemy” is more of a rollercoaster ride as it takes you through the phases of life and speaks directly to your heart.

The EP spans for over 17 minutes and 10 seconds, enough time to enjoy an ep of this calibre. The ep has an array of genres like rock, pop, sounds from the 80’s, indie rock amongst others. In the words of the songs in ‘My Enemy,’ there are lots of feelings and ideas about things like not feeling confident, worrying too much, and feeling sad.

The words are clever and use different ways of talking to make you think. Ross Freedman really cares about how they sound when they’re sung. All of this together makes the songs like precious gems where the story and the sound fit together really well.

The songs don’t follow a particular pattern, some are fast-paced, while a song like “Let You Go” is slow and melancholic, yet it pulls at your heartstrings and hooks you on.

The production of the songs are awesome as the compliment the listeners voice and allows him to lay his vocals to heighten the listening experience.

Listen to My Enemy below

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