The Realease Of The Much Awaited EP – Reflexions & Strings By Trevour Amunga

When it comes to rap and electronic music, Hip-hop star Trevour Amunga is sure to bring you some excitement as well as trigger your senses. His EP, “Reflexions & Strings,” is a blend of electronic music, dance music, and straightforward lyricism. The rhythm is excellent, and the lines sound new. As a result, when everything is taken into account, the album is rather fascinating and instantly exciting.

There is enough space awarded to all the instruments present, and there is good control in the dynamics of the various instruments so as to tame their transients, and to let the meat of their sound shine.

Starting from the first track, “86 Porsche”, a rap-first, flow-heavy track that lays its focus on the lyricism and the rhyme schemes, which, for the most part, come off as great, well-composed, and poised. The fun continues in the second track.

Next up is the ecstatic number “Home.” The track’s intro piqued my interest with this bluesy rhythm section. Eventually, when the beat drops and the rap starts, the music is on full throttle and energizes you. There’s a transition near the end where the ambiance slows down, but it returns for one last rap bit with a chill guitar tagging along. This track has a focus on the instrumentation and the beat in the background more so than on the lyricism, going into the next track, “Magic”.

“Magic” is rather a relaxing piece, the entire track is filled with layers of soul and RnB, with elements of detuned guitars where clean vocals and rap bars are executed. It also features Luna Bands and is a stellar tune from start to finish,

The following track, “Stargirl 94,” features spoken rap over a slower, more sophisticated sound that is nearly entirely similar of Chase Atlantic. “Chains,” the final track on this five-part EP, is by far my favorite; it combines elements of classic rock music with rap beats and voice effects that are practically distorted, giving the song an overall edge of anger and edginess that is always welcome.

Listen to ‘Reflexions & Strings’ below

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