NoSpace Talks About The ‘Red Flags’

“I love you but I cant stop yelling at you” this is just a tip off the iceberg when it comes to the great songwriting skills NoSpace possess. NoSpace is a band hailing from Richmond, Indiana prior to the formation of the NoSpace.

The quartet had experience of playing together in a band, this allowed them to really understand each other’s sound, and because they had previous working relationship, they were in total sync.

Each member plays an important role in the groups production and vocals of the group. Noah Ilano (23) who specializes in bass, Jackson Haynes (21) who holds down the keys, Sam Gamboa (21) rocks out on the MPC and has mastered his unique sample chops, and Adam Mathews (19) who is the guitarist as well as the main audio engineer handling the mixing and mastering.

Their latest single Red Flags is a prove of their prowess when it comes to the band’s musical composition, one thing that stood out in the production was the techno beats sailing along with the fantastic drum line.

Not to forget the lyrics of the Red Flags are repetitive, yet short, making it easy for the listener to sing along and jam to it. With just a few lyrics, Red Flags poses as a melancholic song.

Red Flags draws inspiration from our day-to-day activities and this in particular talks about relationship, about how to identify and avoid Red Flags. This song is about knowing the end of a relationship is nearing and the self reflection that comes with that.

Listen Red Flags below

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