Garland Kelley Jumps On ‘The Higher Road’

The veteran singer-songwriter from Nashville delivers a mesmerizing, multi-layered acoustic guitar accompaniment. Garland Kelley is a Nashville-based modern rock artist and music producer. He creates an Americana, alternative folk, and blues-rock ambiance with the engaging strings deployed all at once, replenishing the sonic space.

“The Higher Road” is just that song you’ve been longing to hear, what makes “The Higher Road” stand out is the way it seamlessly blends Americana and alt-folk influences into a cohesive whole.

There is a poetic nostalgia flowing through this “The Higher Road”, but a modern-day folk-rock tone brings ‘The Higher Road’ to the 21st century. On a course with just a guitar and a great ability to form harmonies and melodic relationships, Garland Kelley vows to make breathtaking songs that attack the mind and body as a whole.

When asked about the main inspiration behind The Higher Road, This is what Garland Kelley  had to say about it

“This was written when I was 16 during the rise and fall of my first heartbreak. There is a sense of duality as the verses have a mournful beauty to them while the choruses are brighter and more hopeful. I feel there is a timeless and universal quality to this innocent perspective and the journey of maturing in the understanding of love.”

Soft and soothing with an acoustic-inspired arrangement, Kelley engulfs listeners in a warm embrace. The rich acoustic guitar, when combined with Kelly’s passionate and warm vocals, produces a dreamy and swayful track. You never get a sense of anything missing, and there’s an atmospheric and serene ambiance that envelops the song.

Listen to ‘The Higher Road’ below


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