JUNK Comes Through With Squakin Like A Bird

When it comes to grunge music, or any kind of alt-pop music from jazz to funk you can definitely count on US-based JUNK. JUNK have a flair for performance and theatrics, and everything in between and beyond that makes them what they are.

Aaron “Dubl A” Seener (bass), Dale “Dirty D” Pearson (saxophone), and Nik “Anthem” Matthews (guitar and vocals) are the mastermind behind the band. JUNK pulls no punches in their attempt to communicate their message as strongly as possible using a real recording of live birds in Squakin Like A Bird.

Squakin Like A Bird criticizes the vast majority of so-called internet gurus who spread nonsense online and encourage conspiracy theories and doomsday scenarios that can fool many unsuspecting people or lead them down dangerous rabbit holes.

The vocals fit right in, the drums and the instruments all play second fiddle (literally) to the vibe of the song, which, I suppose, is to not take oneself very seriously, and go by what one wants to do.

Pearson’s soulful saxophone on Squakin Like A Bird lends that calming jazz-inspired tone while still clearly displaying a strong hip-hop flair. Even further blurring the lines between genres, Matthews’ electric guitar adds an indie-rock vibe, especially as he leads listeners out with gentle strumming. This creative use of multiple instruments demonstrates the variety and originality of these musicians.

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