Meredith Louise Urges You To Change Your Mind Frame

A few seconds into Mind Frame I felt the cool breeze of Meredith Louise’s calm and sensual voice ushering me into another dimension. The latest single by Meredith Louise is a reminder that regardless of whatever path or decision we take, there is always a slot available for a change of mind.

Meredith Louise is a singer, songwriter, musician, and music therapist who combines her mind-boggling lyricism with a captivating voice to send messages and feelings that mere words can’t put across. How she does this effortlessly is mysterious as she makes it seem easy.

When asked about the main inspiration behind Mind Frame This is what the songstress had to say:

“Mind Frame’ serves as a reminder that we can change our perspective at any time. In this world of noise, uncertainty, and chaos, it’s easy to feel pushed off course into anxiety and fear. But if we go within, the pathways to freedom, connection and joy can be found. “

Mind Frame is groovy and infectious a combination of jazz, neo-soul, and R&B. The instrumentation of Mind Frame is laid-back allowing Meredith Louise to lay her vocals on the song, a way that brandishes the theme of the song, allowing the lyrics to dawn on the listener.

The neo-soul songstress is ready to unveil her debut EP ‘Mind Frame,’ a collection of songs highlighting her clever, unpredictable songwriting and lush harmonic textures.

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