Reilly Shares Sentiments In ‘New Year Same Me’

REILLY is an Irish-based songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who had his breakthrough in 2022, releasing both his debut single and debut Ep. Although professionally he recently started making music in 2022, Reilly seems nothing like that, a clear indication he has a niche for music production.

He is a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, drums, bass, and vocals, and also delving into electronic music creating his own techno beats and songs at home with the use of synthesizers, etc.

His latest single New Year Same Me is psychedelic, it’s actually the type of music that goes deep into your soul and sets you free from all your worries. New Year Same Me is a ballad where the singer acknowledges the presence of a new yeah, but nothing has really changed about him.

His unique songwriting skills are boldly put into action, allowing the theme of the song to stand out, while the lyrics of the song are connecting, a ballad sending a message that can only be felt through music.

The 4 minutes 06 seconds song showcases his musicianship and extraordinary craftsmanship, one mindboggling aspect of New Year Same Me is how easily he is able to blend the lyrics to perfectly synchronize on a rock pop beat.

The chorus of the Me New Year Same says it all about the disposition of the singer, his tone and composure help to transport his feelings throughout the song. the hook is very catchy and addictive, it lays emphasis on the growth of Reilly.

If this is the result of his experiences in 2 years, then you can only imagine the goodies he has in stock.

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